Notification of Contract Award








Project Country:                      Commonwealth of Dominica


Funding Source:                      International Bank of Reconstruction and Development


Sector:                                     Construction


Project Name:                          Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project








Procurement Method:             National Competitive Bidding          


Procurement Type:                 Works


Project ID No.:                        P129992


Loan/Credit/Grant No.:           TF-16912/DM-54950/TF-16955


Contract No.:                          PPCR/DVRP/NCB-02/18


Scope of Contract:                  Road Works Eastern Island Post Hurricane Maria – Castle Bruce and San Sauveur


Duration of Contract:              Eight (8) Months


Signing Date:                          May 1, 2019


Evaluation Currency:              Eastern Caribbean Currency (EC$)




Awarded Bidder:




Name:                                      Construction and Industrial Equipment Limited


Address:                                  Castries, Saint Lucia


Bid Price at Bid Opening:       EC$2,368,522.75       


Evaluated Bid Price:               EC$2,368,522.75


Contract Price:                        EC$2,368,522.75




Evaluated Bidders:




Name:                                      Ace Engineering Limited


Address:                                  Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica


Bid Price at Bid Opening:       EC$2,601,457.16


Evaluated Bid Price:               EC$2,549,428.02




Name:                                      Dipcon Engineering Services Limited


Address:                                  Port of Spain, Trinidad


Bid Price at Bid Opening:       EC$3,029,703.02


Evaluated Bid Price:               EC$3,029,703.02




Rejected Bidders:




Name:                                      Ada Trucking Services Limited


Address:                                  Jimmit, Commonwealth of Dominica


Bid Price at Bid Opening:       EC$2,479,621.38


Evaluated Bid Price:               N/A


Reason for Rejection:             Non-Responsive


Name:                                      Qingdao Fuhaiyang Construction Group Company Limited


Address:                                  St. Georges, Grenada  


Bid Price at Bid Opening:       EC$2,496,811.00


Evaluated Bid Price:               N/A


Reason for Rejection:             Non-Responsive










Executing Agency:                 Project Coordination Unit, Ministry of Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal


Address:                                  38 Cork Street, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica


Attn:                                        Collin Guiste


Tel:                                          1 767 266 3139


Fax:                                         1 767 448 3873


E-mail:                                    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.